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Rest time is necessary for good health. A guaranteed amount of rest time will be assured for each individual child.
The children at the center will receive fluids throughout the day while in care. A child will not be denied a drink. There is a drinking fountain available and milk and juice will be distributed at snack and lunchtime.
Infants and toddlers will be diapered or checked every 1.5 hours and changed when soiled or wet. Latex will be gloves will be worn and hands will be washed with soap and water between every diapering. Children that are toilet trained will be allowed to use the bathroom whenever needed. No child will ever be refrained from using the bathroom.
All soiled toys/items will be washed, rinsed and sanitized or stored in a CONTAMINATION BIN to be washed at a later time. Toys will be cleaned and sanitized once per day, cots/cribs will be cleaned after every use. Crib sheets, blankets and pillows should be supplied by the parents and taken home weekly to be washed.

Emergency Procedures

Our center tries to provide a safe and loving atmosphere; however, unfortunately accidents do happen. In the event a child does get injured we will:
  • Administer first aid
  • Call parent or a person listed on the emergency card.
  • If the injury is serious, then the doctor/hospital listed on the child's emergency card will be called.
Every month the staff will perform a fire drill to alert the children of proper procedures in case of a fire. These drills will be performed calmly and quickly, and the reasons for them explained to the children. The fire drills help the staff and children develop speed and accuracy in exiting the building in preparation of an actual fire.
During the season of tornado weather we will familiarize the children with safety techniques. The children will be sheltered where we feel is the safest in the building.

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Food Services

Food Distributed from Nu-Nu's Nursery, Inc., will be healthy -- with the exception of party days. The food will be served on paper plates, paper cups and plastic silverware that will be discarded after every use.
Healthy children have smiling faces and smiling faces will brighten our days at Nu-Nu's Nursery.